How To Successfully Get Through Exams

Exams are just around the corner and I am guessing the stress has already got to you. With exams comes excessive stress for most of us and many people are not sure how to deal with it. Today I will be providing you with 4 helpful tips that will help you get through exams with minimum stress.

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  1. Eat Properly

During exams, people tend to stop eating. They stay away from food because they are so caught up in studying and stressing over the exam. That is the worst thing you can do to yourself during exam time. Eat on time and eat regularly. Have tons of vegetables and fruits to keep yourself refreshed. Don’t forget to drink water to keep yourself hydrated.

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Just because you have to study does not mean that you forget about your exercise. Studies show that physical activity de-stresses the mind greatly. While you study, take breaks and go for a walk or do a few jumping jacks every 30 min. Studies show that exercising while revising notes will help you remember your notes better during the exam. Keep your blood flowing and yourself moving.

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I know that we have all pulled an all-nighter to study for an exam. You may have gotten your studying done but I can guarantee that your exam did not go as well as you expected it to go after studying all night. It is just not worth it! Start studying before hand and go to bed at around 9 or 10 the night before the exam in order to get up early and feel refreshed and awake for your exam. Sleeping well will help you remember what you studied and overall will get you a better exam result than you would get by pulling an all- nighter.

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4.Do not overthink!

Overthinking is a problem that most of us have. Exams are on our mind 24/7. This is something we are all guilty of and it may not seem harmful but in reality, it is extremely detrimental to your health. It causes tension and stress and this can result in you not sleeping, eating, or exercising properly. Stay relaxed and do not think about your exams all the time. Go on with your everyday routine but still make sure to study.

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Hopefully, these tips are of some use to you. I am someone who does not follow any of these tips at all during exams. This year though I hope to change that and successfully study for exams with minimum stress.

Do you have any tips of your own? Did you find these tips helpful? Don’t hesitate to comment down below.

Good Luck with your exams!



The Holy Month of Ramadan

The evening of May 26th marked the beginning of a month of worship for the Muslims around the globe. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is one of the holiest months for the Muslims. Muslims fast from sunset to sunrise for 30 days all the while worshipping God and acknowledging his blessings. Many people know very little about this month so today I will be telling you all about Ramadan and it’s purpose and some info on how people tend to celebrate it all over the world. Ramadan is a month of self-reflection for Muslims. It is a month in which we reflect back on the year and try to improve ourselves and become better people and Muslims. Satan is locked up in this month so whatever we do and say comes from us and not from Satans influence. Like I mentioned, we fast from sunrise to sunset. We wake up early in the morning right before sunrise to eat our meal or breakfast called “suhoor” and we break our fast at sunset with a meal called “iftar”. This month is a month in which we practice discipline and learn to appreciate blessings in our lives, such as food. We get to feel the pain of the less fortunate and that is supposed to make us more grateful. We are supposed to put aside all worldly activities and focus on God and worship. This month is supposed to bring us closer to God and spiritually purify us.  At the end of Ramadan, there is a Muslim celebration called Eid- al- Fitr. This celebration is three days long and marks the end of Ramadan.

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There are over 1.6 million Muslims around the world and each of them has their own way of celebrating Ramadan. I will just be telling you some of the traditions that are followed in many Muslim countries.

  • Breaking fast together:

In many Muslim countries such as Pakistan, everyone goes to the masjid and brings food. The food is set up outside and anyone on the streets and inside the masjid is free to feed themselves. They all sit down in the mosque and open their fasts together.

  •  Waking up the whole neighborhood for suhoor:

In some countries such as Saudi Arabia every Ramadan at suhoor time a man goes out into the streets and shouts for everyone to wake up with a drum. In villages though, they call each person to wake up by their name.

  • Distributing food to the needy:

In almost all Muslim countries close to Iftar time some people go out and distribute food to the less fortunate people. In countries like Pakistan, you regularly see aroun10-20 homeless people outside. So at Iftar, they go out and distribute food like rice and beans to the homeless.

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These were just a few of the many traditions of Ramadan. Ramadan is a great month in which you can bond with your family and friends,

Do you celebrate Ramadan? If so, what is your favorite part of Ramadan? Don’t hesitate to comment down below!

Ramadan Mubarak





Hello, today I will be doing a book report on a book called Untwine. This is a great book written by Edwidge Danticat. She is the author of many award-winning books such as Eyes, and Breath. She lives in Miami, Florida and is African- American. She is also a National Book Award winner. She has 2 daughters and considers her home to be Haiti even though she resides in the United States.

This book is about two 16-year-old sisters called Giselle and Isabelle. They are identical twin sisters and are described to be 5”11. Giselle loves art and is captivated by anything colorful and beautiful. Isabelle though loves music and she plays the flute and does school concerts and wishes to one day become a famous singer. They are originally from Haiti, Africa but they live in Miami.  Their family is described to be perfect and they are all very close but then their parents decided to divorce each other so that they can fulfill their dreams and continue their education. The book starts off with the sisters and their parents who are not speaking to each other in a car in the middle of traffic going to Isabelle’s concert. Isabelle is yelling at her dad to drive quicker and there is a lot of tension in the car between the parents and the two sisters. All of a sudden a red minivan hits the side of their car and repeatedly hits it. Isabelle bangs her head over and over against the window and her flute hits her as well. Isabelle was not wearing a seat belt so she was in the worst position in the car. The book continues with Giselle in the hospital confused about where she is and what is going on. Giselle cannot talk or move so we get to read her thoughts. She is thinking about her family and she thinks that maybe everyone else died. She has a feeling that Isabelle died but later says that if she had died then Giselle would have known because of some sisterly connection. The parents are in the adult’s section of the hospital and are also severely injured. Their friends and family come to meet them and talk to them. Giselle finds out through her aunt Leslie that Isabelle has died.  Aunt Leslie is a very important character throughout the book. Giselle says that she was the only one who could understand the twins and she was like a friend to them. Aunt Leslie helped Giselle get past the incident and recover from it. She is extremely shocked and does not believe it until her sisters funeral which is later on in the book. The problem though is that everyone thinks that Giselle died and that Giselle is Isabelle. One day her parents come from the adult’s section to see Isabelle or actually Giselle. Her mother is talking to her and realizes that Giselle has a birthmark behind her ear that Isabelle had on the other ear. She insists that this is actually Giselle and after tests, they find out that she is actually Giselle.  I cannot tell you anything else. The rest of the book really is about finding out how Giselle deals with her sister’s death and if the accident really was an accident after all. They make an important discovery about the person who had hit their car which leads them to think about that person and the accident in a totally different manner.  Also, the accident broke up their family cause Isabelle died but it also kind of patched up their family as well since the parents are no longer considering divorce because of the situation.

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This book is a science fiction book mainly because of the fact that it takes place in the real world but with a fake situation. Sci-Fi books sometimes also have political purposes and I cannot tell you how but this book has some talk of law and politics and human rights. Just like many sci-fi books, it opens up diverse and different situations for the reader. This book definitely gave me an inside glimpse of death and opened my mind to it.

Personally, I enjoyed this book a lot. It has a lot of details and descriptions. Giselle thoroughly describes how she feels about the situation and she says it feels as if she is underwater and she is trying hard to get back to the surface. The writing style was kind of different as well. It did not talk much about the present, instead, most of it was Giselle recalling memories that she made with Isabelle.  Honestly, it did get a little boring at the beginning just because of the extent of details but as you read further into the book it gets more and more interesting. If I could change it I would talk a little bit more about the present moment. Also, the ending was a little bland and plain. I actually did not even know when it ended because there was no hint that the book was ending which a little was disappointing.

I would recommend this book to 14 and above since it has some inappropriate parts. Overall though it is easy to read and no difficult words. I would rate this book 4/5 because it was good but like I said before the ending should have been more dramatic.

Have you read this book? If so, how did you feel about it? What is your favorite book?


An Audit of My Blog

In the beginning of March of 2017 my class and I participated in the Student Blogging Challenge. This was my first time blogging and I have to say that in this short period of time I picked up many new and helpful skills. I have enjoyed blogging and I do hope to continue to blog after the Student Blogging Challenge. Today I will be writing the last post that is from the Student Blogging Challenge. Today I will be doing an audit of my blog and reflecting and evaluating my blog and the progress I have made so far.

So far I have written 14 posts (not including this post) which include free posts, class related posts, and posts set by the Student Blogging Challenge. Most of the posts were set by the challenge and the least number of posts were assigned by the teacher.  I mostly enjoyed writing the free posts since I could write about posts on topics I was passionate about. My favorite post was my “World Hijab Day” post and also my “Connected, but alone” post. I believe that this was my most well-written post. I enjoyed writing the World Hijab Day post mainly because I was passionate about the topic and I could relate to it since I wear hijab as well.  I enjoyed writing about since I could easily relate to it. It was a challenge from the Student Blogging Challenge. I received the most comments on “The Role of Reading in My Life”. I received 6 comments in total for this post. I think that a lot of people could relate to what I was saying so they could comment on it. A lot of people love reading and they were able to express that in their comments. I also received a lot of spam comments. I currently have around 1200 spam comments. I mostly received comments from within the class and spam. I actually got no comments from overseas. I marked them as spam and now they do not show up on my blog but at first, they did which was kind of annoying because of all of the emails I was receiving.

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Throughout the semester I did change the theme once but I was not satisfied with how it looked so I changed it back to my current theme which you can check out on my blog page. I do think that I should add a little bit more color to my page since it is kind of plain. I also have widgets on my blog. I have seven widgets in total. I have the tags widget, the hits widget, my blogroll, the search bar, a calendar, a widget that you can press to follow my blog, and a categories widget. I think that it is not too much or too few widgets, it is just the right amount. On my blogroll, I have seven people and two of them are overseas students that I found out about from the Student Blogging Challenge. I did not use any web tools to make my blog creative but I hope to try to use it in the future while I blog.

Overall, my blogging experience was great and I definitely hope to continue blogging in the future. Blogging has really helped me discover my writing style and what kinds of things I am interested in. The Student Blogging Challenge is a great platform for anyone to open up and engage and interact with other students from all over the world. Through the Student Blogging Challenge, I discovered many blogs such as Mary’s blog and Haley’s blog and much more. There are people of all different ages that you can interact with by commenting ontheirr posts.

What was your first blog post about? Did you participate in the Student Blogging Challenge? If so, how did you feel about it?


Commenting Game

I decided to do week 8 in the Student Blogging Challenge. I will be commenting on 3 different posts and basically just telling you about why I commented on these posts. I commented on the following 3 posts:

Kerrin’s Blog

Iqra’s Blog

Mary’s Blog

Kerrin’s Blog:

I commented on Kerrin’s post about the Divergent series. This post attracted my attention mainly because I love to read and this post is about a very popular series of books. I am always looking for new books to read. I have not read the Divergent series and I am now planning on reading it because of her post. I decided to comment because of how thorough her post was. It was very thorough and easy to understand. I t gave me a pretty good idea about the series. I felt that I should comment to giver her feedback on her great post.

Hey! I really enjoyed reading your post mainly because it was very thorough. I did not know much about this series but thanks to your post, I now know enough about this series. Keep up the good work!


Iqra’s Blog:

I commented on Iqra’s post about her family. I read the post that she wrote about her family. This post caught my attention because of my own family. I have a family of 7 people including my parents and I find it interesting to read about others families as well. Her post was really interesting because she gave detail about her family and her life with so many older siblings. I commented because of how interesting it was to read. I commented also because it was very well- written. She included thins about  why she loves her family and started the post off with a joke as well. It was well written so I felt the need to comment and give her feedback on her work.

Hey Iqra! I really enjoyed reading your post. It was interesting to read about others families. I have 4 siblings that are either younger than me or barely older than me. I always wished that I had older siblings. Keep up the good work!

Mary’s Blog:

Lastly, I commented on Mary’s Blog. Her post was about how she wants to be a nurse. I enjoyed reading her post mainly because I always enjoy reading about different jobs. It opens up doors for me and shows me other interesting careers other than a doctor or an engineer. I chose this post because her post was about nurses and honestly I have never thought about being a nurse but this post encouraged me to explore other jobs as well. She gave a lot of detail about what a nurse does and how much they earn. I liked how she related a  nurse back to doctors which is nice to read about since I want to be a doctor. She also mentioned a lot of detail about how important nurses are and how they have helped us. Overall, it was a great post and you should definitely check out out!

I could not really find my comment but I basically just told her that her post was interesting to read because I am not entirely sure about what I want to be when I am older.

Are there any posts you find interesting. Feel free to link those posts down below and make sure to comment!


Digital Footprints

“In the future, your “digital footprint” will carry far more weight than anything you might include on a resume”-Chris Betcher

A digital footprint is a trace or a footprint that you leave behind on the internet. Your posts, social media accounts, apps you downloaded, and much more can all be found through a very simple but very important detail about you. Your name.  All of the things that I mentioned above are attached to your name on the internet. Searching yourself up may bring things up like pictures or comments that are from 5 years ago.  Now, these pictures or comments may be great like a comment about your day or even a school picture with your classmates but there is no guarantee that the pictures you posted or comments you made that are not so great won’t show up. Anything you say or do online will show up under your name. These things may harm you or may help you in the future.

Being careless about the actions you take on the internet is definitely not a great thing. You may think that it is a simple and harmless act but this act could be the reason you are denied a job you have been wanting forever, or it may become the reason people don’t see you as a responsible and mature person. Think twice before doing or searching anything up on the internet. Always remember that whatever you do online is being tracked and what you do can be seen by people you know and total strangers. It may not sound so important now but when it affects your life, you will regret it.  Your digital footprint is kind of like your online reputation and I know we all want a good reputation so being careful about what you do online can help you achieve that.

Being careful on the internet though can help you greatly in the future. You may have posted a great comment or an amazing picture that you forgot about. In the future though when you are applying for a job or a university your name will be searched and whatever comes up under your name will be considered. This great comment or picture may end up being the reason you were accepted into a school or the reason you got a great job. That is why watching your step on the internet can lead to a great future or can totally ruin your future. You may not know how to create a great digital footprint so I will be giving you a few tips on how to do just that.


1.Don’t Overshare:

Oversharing information like your name, where you are at the moment, your address, or your family members usually won’t result in something good. If you want a positive digital footprint try not to overshare, and not only for that reason but also for your safety. Oversharing will most likely result in you sharing something that should not have been shared like a silly picture which creates a negative digital footprint.

2.Think before sharing:

This is obviously not new advice. We are always told to think before we do anything but in this situation, this tip is extremely important. Think about how it may affect your future or if what you are about to post is something you would not want others to see now, and in a few years. Really this is pretty self-explanatory. All you have to do is think before you share.

3.Become active online:

This tip is more for someone who wants to fix up their digital footprint. If you have a negative digital footprint just know that you can never erase it but you can lessen it by creating a good digital footprint online. Participating in events or fundraisers and sharing that can create a positive digital footprint. Basically to follow this tip you have to become more active and actually try to change your digital footprint by doing things like fundraising or even just posting some good pictures and making nice comments.

Follow these tips and hopefully you will be able to maintain or get a good digital footprint.

World Hijab Day

February 1st, 2013 marked the first World Hijab Day. This day recognized the millions of Muslim women around the globe who wear the hijab. It recognizes those women who chose to lead their life in modesty.

CC0 Public Domain via Pixabay

This movement began from one Muslim woman called Nazma Khan who decided that it was time to show the world the true meaning behind the hijab and to erase the idea of oppressed Muslim women. She decided to invite non-hijabi women, both Muslim and non- Muslim to experience the hijab by wearing it for one full day. She chose to do this as she experienced discrimination from her classmates throughout her school years. From February 1st, 2013 every year World Hijab Day has had many participators from all over the world. Non- Muslim women come together to support the Muslim women and experience wearing hijab for a day. Many people took part in World Hijab Day especially in universities and talked about the difference they felt throughout the day compared to their normal day without hijabs.

Many people are ignorant towards the hijab and judge it without knowing the true purpose of the hijab. World Hijab Day is helping to spread the message that hijab is not an oppression but rather a sign of freedom of choice. It shows that among the billions who don’t wear hijab we decide to be free and wear it. This day is helping to address the ignorance of those who decide to judge a hijab without knowing what it is and what it is for. World Hijab Day helps those who do not have knowledge of the hijab to learn about the hijab and true purpose behind it. It erases stereotypes about supposedly oppressed Muslim women. We do not just cover because our religion asks us to. There is a deeper meaning behind it all and World Hijab Day helps to teach others about that deeper purpose.

Personally, I agree with the message that this international event is trying to spread. I believe that if we share our experiences as Muslims with others more people will have an idea of our faith and the reason behind the hijab. Many people see it as a sign of oppression or suffering when in reality it shows that we are free and proud to be Muslim. The hijab is a part of my identity and without I would feel incomplete. It shows the world who I am and that I am not forced to wear this headscarf but rather it’s my choice. When we search up the definition of hijab we see that it is a headscarf worn in public but it is actually much more than just a headscarf. It is a partition because the literal meaning is a barrier or a partition. It is a barrier that protects us from evil eyes and from the people who don’t mean good for us. Hijab allows us to be modest and it does not only refer to our outer appearance but also our behavior. It shows that we have to be modest inside and outside. It allows others to not only see your outward beauty but also your intelligence and your inner beauty. It stops others from judging you because of how you look.

CC0 Public Domain via Pixabay

The main reason that World Hijab Day started was because of discrimination. Many Muslim women were facing discrimination because of their hijab which had become a major issue. Hate crimes were being done against Muslim women. For example, a Muslim woman faced a horrific hate crime in London due to her hijab. Many incidents of the sort have taken place all over the West and it had gone to a level that was no longer controllable. Muslim women were and are facing discrimination because they choose to follow their religion. Nazma Khan who started World Hijab Day faced similar discrimination during her school years which is the main reason she decided to start this event in order to teach others about the hijab and show them that it is not an oppression and no reason to be discriminated against. Statistics show that 69 percent of Muslim women have experienced some type of discrimination, whether it is not getting a job because of their hijab or getting harassed. This has become a global issue affecting not only those who faced discrimination but also those who have not. These hate crimes cause fear to grow in the hearts of Muslim women when they go outside. We are constantly afraid to go out and are much more aware of the people around us who are watching us. We may not see this issue as such a big problem but this has become a major issue around the world. This issue is being addressed by many people but I don’t actually think that discrimination against Muslim women will ever entirely end as there will always be that group of people who are not ready to accept others and allow them to live in peace and to live according to their beliefs. Even though we can never entirely end Islamophobia or in our case, Hijabaphobia we can definitely encourage others to learn about it and experience a day in the life of a Muslim woman’s attire on World Hijab Day which is a big first step to ending discrimination.

CC0 Public Domain via Pixabay

What are your thoughts on hijab? Have you ever taken part in World Hijab Day or would you like to? Do you believe in allowing Muslim women to live freely according to their religion? Comment below if you have any thoughts or ideas about World Hijab Day.